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Fenland Country TopSoils 2020 Prices

Horticultural soil and compost mixed (loam). By Country Experts.
Horticultural Soil, BS3882 : 2015 General Purpose Use Grade 1.
Four Family Generations of East Anglian Composting / Farming Experience Prices Include delivery London Area to M25. no Extras
Country soil (75%) + 2 year composted Manure peat (25%) So Fertile, Plants Shoot up Double/Treble Blooms all season. Amazing results.

Dressed Rich Loam Top Soil + Compost £ 7.00 Bag (15 Bags) 40litres Bags
£ 90 a tonne (Equal to 28 Bags) Loose tipped, one bag covers approx 1 sq-metre 7.5 centimetres (3 inches) Deep.

Country soil graded, De-weeded, de- stoned and mixed with 25 % deep black composted horse manure to make extra fertile. For roses, shrubs, bedding flowers, established flowers, vegetables, soft fruits etc. 40 litres Bags or loose. One bag covers 1 sq. yard, 4 inches deep. Loose £ 90 tonne , 2 tonne s minimum order. 1 tonne is equal to 28 Bags. A country soil mixed with composted manure not demolition reclaimed soil as offered by many London outlets which is full of crushed bricks , glass, crushed lime cement and nothing will grow in it and is mainly used by councils for road side verges weeds and coarse grasses growth.

Potting Soil. Special mix. Should be renewed yearly. (or richly compost fed)

For flowers, plants, in pots and window boxes patios. Grit added for drainage. 30 kg (60 lb) bags. Fish/Bone/Blood meal added for boost. Sufficient for one box 4ft x 1 ft or large pot for shrubs/roses. Loose for patios, etc. £ 90 tonne (equal to 32 bags). £ 7.00 a bag (15 Bags).

Lawn Dressing

Spring Mix/ Summer Mix/ Autumn Mix. 30kg bags. Brush into lawn. Makes grass grow quick in spring. Feeds spring, summer and autumn (Different mixes). £ 7.00 a bag.

Erricaseous Soil

For acid loving plants. 30kg bags. £ 7.00 a bag.

Horticultural Sands - Grits - Gravels

30 kg bags. (100 lbs) River washed.  £ 7.00 a bag.

For All Above Soils - Sand - Grits - Gravels

£ 7.00 a Bag  15+ Bags

£ 8.50 10-14 Bags

£ 8.50 6-9 Bags (Minimum Order For Delivery)

Loose £ 90 a tonne . Soil / Compost Mix

1 tonne Equal to 28 Bags Wheel Barrowing Loose On to Garden £ 30 tonne . Extra. By Prior Arrangement. Our Insurance cover to Kerbside Delivery Into Garden or House Solely at Purchaser's Risk All Ways.

DELIVERED TO ALL AREAS OF LONDON, ULEZ charge will be added for central London deliveries from April.

Rich Loam £ 90 / tonne . Loose. Equal to 28 bags. Tipped 2 tonne s minimum order. Price includes delivery. Grade 1 soil British Standard 3882. Horticultural Grade + Composit Mix.

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From compost topsoil to horticultural soil delivered to your door in London or the home counties.

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